How to Train

Ways to Train at Our Studio



At TBPY, our mission is to offer you a sacred place to unwind from the daily stressors and transform your body by offering you the highest quality instruction that combines innovation with intelligence. We value each client in our studio and aim to educate our members on what specific exercises and modifications may be beneficial for everybody depending on the desired training goal. Whether you’re looking for a higher intensity practice, to become more flexible, move with less pain or just in search of a peaceful practice, we are confident there’s a class for you.

Current In-Studio Classes

  • All IN-STUDIO classes run with a minimum of two individuals, maximum 3 people per 1 instructor (3 to 1).
  • Class roster finalizes 2 hours prior to each class; Registered clients will be notified of any class changes via text, phone call or email (preference established on MBO account)
  • Early cancellations can occur PRIOR to 2 hour window before scheduled class.
  • ALL cancellations made WITHIN 2 hour window prior to class will be considered LATE cancellations.
  • Late cancellations will forfeit a class allowing for Waitlisted clients will be automatically placed into class.

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Strengthen, Lengthen & Align™ (In-Studio) Reformer Class

This innovative class combines core challenging movements of mat pilates with resistance training on the pilates reformer. This mat/reformer class is a great option for athletes looking for active recovery or accessory training. This series is recommended for active individuals looking to add in core work & mobility to their exercise routine. Prior knowledge of Pilates Reformer is recommended but not required. Class runs 45 min with a maximum of three people.

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Pilates Hybrid Interval Training™ or P.H.I.T.™ (Online via Zoom)

This class will allow you to experience Pilates on a different level. The class is a high intensity strength & conditioning workout (15-25 minutes long) varying with bodyweight exercises, free weights, Kettle bells & pilates mat work. This class is recommended for students looking to benefit from improved flexibility, increased strength, muscular endurance & overall improved fitness. Don’t have any gym equipment? Don’t worry, we modify every workout based on what you have available. Previous pilates experience is not required. 


Pilates Mat Fusion™ (TBD)

A relaxing yet challenging class that strengthens your core muscles as well as aligning your whole body using props like the Foam roller, and Pilates Ring. This class will teach you body awareness & how to properly engage your postural muscles through diaphragmatic breathing & body positioning. Pilates Mat Fusion is all levels and recommended for individuals looking to strengthen their core, and improve hip and shoulder mobility. 

Small Group Training: The grass roots of the Community & our Signature Training Program

  • Specialized training for 3-4 individuals on all equipment in studio.
  • New SGT Clients can join at Introductory rate: $240 for the first 8 week series, then $280/8 weeks thereafter.
  • A great opportunity to train safely with those in your bubble and ensure weekly accountability during times of COVID-19.
  • Now offering Remote Small Group Training via Zoom for those that want a personalized training program with group accountability.

Current Small Group Training Program Offerings

For all SGT inquiries, Contact us

Pilates  For Beginners:

  • Build your core strength & body awareness with Pilates Fundamentals

  • Explore the lengthening “body high” effect on Stott Reformers

  • Test your balance with core-challenging moves on Balanced Body Exo Chairs & explosive exercises on Stott Springwall. 

Pilates for Athletes:

  • This program is designed to isolate and build awareness of existing muscle imbalances with a mix of beginner/ intermediate exercises on all apparatus. 

  • The body is continuously challenged to adapt to different core engaging movements that progressively get more challenging each session to build back a stronger, more functional mobile body.

  • Initial focus is on strengthening accessory and stabilizing muscles in ankles, knees, hips and shoulders while engaging core to ensure healthy full-range functional movements. 

  • Continue to build strength and power in functional movements with Intermediate and Advanced exercises utilizing Stott Reformers Jump board, Stott Springwalls and core strength and balance with Exo chair.. and of course…. a little mix of HIIT to increase your burn.

  • *Now booking for Private and Group Athletes  during Winter 2020/21

Pilates Mobility for Runners (Beginners):

  • This program brings awareness to common running faults and gait issues that lead to chronic pain and injury and builds on ankle strength & mobility, Hip flexibility, Thoracic-spine Extension and overall core and glute-activation. 

  • Learn how to engage your deep core muscles from all angles and build on postural stability while you run to eliminate chronic back pain from core weakness and hip dysfunction. 

  • Runners will also learn quick and easy at-home exercises to continue their core gains outside of our studio. All Pilates Apparatus work will be used in conjunction with stretches specialized for chronic areas of tension in runners.

  • *Now accepting early Sat am bookings for Running Groups for Winter 2020/21

Pilates for Golfers I:

  •  Specialty training using a combination of Pilates mat & apparatus work to balance out muscle imbalances in the Golfer’s body due to repetitive coiling and uncoiling of the spine/hips while swinging.

  • This program is designed to increase core strength and spinal flexibility to alleviate chronic back pain and improve postural stability.

  • Improve your swing with exercises that increase hip and shoulder strength and mobility, leading to enhanced spinal rotation and the ability to generating more power and torque through the  trunk and lower body.

  • *Now accepting Private bookings for Pilates for Golfer Program Winter 2020/21

For more information for Pilates for Golfers Program contact Coach Nicole directly at 860.707.2614 or 

Private Training:  Personalized coaching with specialized programming, utilizing all studio equipment.

  • Reserve allocated training time personalized to your schedule.
  • Free Introductory session to determine diet/fitness goal
  • New clients can purchase first package at Introductory rate at $85/session
  • Regularly priced packages: 10 sessions package at @ $900.00, 20 sessions package @$1750.00 .

2Fit Duo Training : Train hard & sweat with a friend, utilizing all studio equipment.

  • Reserve allocated training time personalized to both of your schedules
  • Split the cost of your hour for more cost-effective training
  • Training rate is $55 per person/ 2fit session.

    Triplet Reformer Training : The best cost effective way to train on the Reformer!

    • Reserve a time that you and 2 friends can train.
    • Training rate is $45 per person/per triplet session.
    • Purchase 5 and 10 session Triplet Reformer package.
  • Now accepting New clients for Winter 2020.
  • Contact us to book your training session today!!
  • All sessions are by appointment only and booked directly by contacting our studio at: 860-231-9642 or contacting Nicole directly at: 860-707-2614.  Please allow 24 hours for a response. All sessions purchased are transferable and non-refundable.