How to Train

 5 Ways to Train At Our Studio


Studio Classes: A Community Experience

At TBPY, our mission is to keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals by offering you the highest quality fitness that combines innovation with intelligence. As our community continues to grow, we are expanding our class schedule to fit the needs of all of our members. Whether you’re looking to get leaner, become more flexible, move with less pain or just in search of a peaceful practice, we are confident there’s a class for you.

Current Studio Classes

Pilates Hybrid Interval Training™ (P.H.I.T.™ ) This class will allow you to experience Pilates on a different level. The class begins with a high intensity strength & conditioning workout (8-15 minutes long) varying with bodyweight exercises, free weights, Kettle bells & TRX suspension trainers. The class continues in a timed circuit alternating on Stott Pilates Reformers, Chairs and Stott Pilates Spring Walls. This class is recommended for students looking to benefit from improved flexibility, increased strength, muscular endurance & overall improved fitness. Previous pilates experience is encouraged.

Pilates Mat Fusion™:

A relaxing yet challenging class that strengthens your core muscles as well as aligning your whole body using props like the Foam roller, and Pilates Ring. This class will teach you body awareness & how to properly engage your postural muscles through diaphragmatic breathing & body positioning. Pilates Mat Fusion is all levels and recommended for individuals looking to strengthen their core, and improve hip and shoulder mobility. 


Strengthen, Lengthen & Align™ Pilates Mat/Reformer Combo Class:

This innovative class combines core challenging movements of mat pilates with resistance training on the pilates reformer. This mat/reformer class is a great option for athletes looking for active recovery or accessory training. This series is recommended for active individuals looking to add in core work & mobility to their exercise routine. Prior knowledge of Pilates Reformer is recommended but not required. 

Power Flow Yoga:

An invigorating flow class that will have you focusing on your breathe while transitioning through your postures (asanas). This class will help you explore your edges as you build core strength, tone, balance & detoxify your body, all the while freeing your mind through the rhythm of your breath (pranayama). Power is for the intermediate student who would like to develop a deeper, more intense practice!

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Small Group Training: The grass roots of the Community & our Signature Training Program

  • Specialized training for 4-8 individuals on all equipment in studio.
  • New SGT Clients can join at Introductory rate: $199 for the first 8 week series, then $240/8 weeks thereafter.
  • Regularly priced $240/8 weeks; Regular SGT clients are eligible for discounted Private Wellness Coaching.

Current Small Group Training Programs

For all SGT inquiries, Contact us

Yoga for BeginnersToo intimidated to take your first yoga class surrounded by a large group of people? This is the ideal setting for you. Learn the basics of yoga in a vinyasa style flow designed for those seeking to find inner calm with a mindful practice. (4 person minimum).

Pilates for Specialty Populations: This designer program is built based on the needs of your group; our populations range from healthcare professionals in labor intensive industries to retired mature adults looking to find better balance & flexibility.

Pilates Apparatus/Mat For Beginners: Learn the fundamentals of pilates on Stott Reformers, Balanced Body Exo Chairs, Stott Springwalls with a mix of Pilates Mat work to build your core strength & body awareness. Series run via appointment (Open Enrollment). 

Pilates Apparatus/HIIT (Intermediate): Intermediate & Advanced movements utilizing Stott Reformers, Balanced Body Exo Chairs, Stott Springwalls with a mix of HIIT to increase your burn. Series run via appointment (Open Enrollment). 

Pilates Mobility for Runners (Beginners): This series is designed to build strength in common problem areas of runners including glute activation and core strength while aid in increasing overall flexibility. Runners will also learn common myofascial releasing techniques with foam rollers and other mobilitywod tools. All Pilates Apparatus work will be used in conjunction with stretches specialized for chronic areas of tension in runners. Series run via appointment (Open Enrollment). 

Pilates for Golfers I: Specialty training using a combination of Pilates mat & apparatus work to balance out the Golfer’s body due to repetitive coiling and uncoiling of the spine/hips while swinging. This program is geared to increase hip & core strength & rotation, spinal rotation and shoulder mobility. Specialty training is scheduled upon request. For more information, contact: 

Private Training:  Personalized coaching with specialized programming, utilizing all studio equipment.

  • Reserve allocated training time personalized to your schedule.
  • Free Introductory session to determine diet/fitness goal
  • New clients can purchase first package at Introductory rate at $75/session
  • Regularly priced packages: 10 sessions package at @ $849.00, 20 sessions package @$1599.00 .

2Fit Duo Training : Train hard & sweat with a friend, utilizing all studio equipment.

  • Reserve allocated training time personalized to both of your schedules
  • Split the cost of your hour for more cost-effective training
  • Training rate is $99 per 2fit session & can pay as you train or
  • 10 session 2Fit package@ $900. 00 (with regular scheduled time).

    Triplet Reformer Training : The best cost effective way to train on the Reformer!

    • Reserve a time that you and 2 friends can train.
    • Training rate is $40 per person/per triplet session.
    • Purchase 5 session Triplet Reformer package@ $185. 00/person.
  • Contact us to book your session today!!