Our Studio

Our fully insured studio comfortably provides space for small groups in an intimate setting. At Total Body Pilates and Yoga LLC, you won’t get lost in the crowd.
Our Equipment includes
  • Myofascial release tools (e.g. Rogue, Perform Better foam rollers, MobilityWOD Supernova, MobilityWOD Gemini)
  • Yoga Straps, Blocks, Blankets &  Stott Eco-Friendly Mats
  • Pilates mat accessories and apparatus, including Stott Pilates Group SPX Reformers, Balanced Body EXO® Chair, Stott Pilates Spring Walls, Balanced Body Ultra-Fit Circle®
  • Kettle bells, Free Weights, Olympic bars & Bumper Plates.
  • Rogue  RM-3 Fortis Power Rack 
  • Rogue Games Boxes
  • Rogue Climbing Rope & Battle Rope.
  • TRX® PRO Suspension Trainer Systems,
  • BOSU® PRO Balance Trainers