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    • Chuck P. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga 5 stars, September 24, 2017; “A friend, Susan Kennedy, dragged me off to this studio for one of her Pilates workouts. That was about 4 months ago. Today I am a regular and the workouts have helped me enormously. Some background: I am 77 years old and have worked out and played sports all my life. Gymnastics, hockey, competitive running and cycling, weight training, etc. And I have the bum knees and lower back problems to prove it! I figured that shortly I would be facing surgery. The Pilates workouts have strengthened my core and have given me much greater flexibility. I find that my back and knee pain are greatly diminished and even my wife says that I am standing much straighter. The surgery is now in the distant future, if ever. Nicole has tailored my workouts to my individual needs (and pains) and the exercises are pleasant and fun. She has a quiet strength about her that gives this geezer the confidence to try new things. I owe a big debt to Kennedy for pushing me to try this. It has literally changed my life. And thank you, Nicole!”
  • Melissa S. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga 5 stars, July 30, 2017; “Nicole is wonderful! Knowledgable trainer, super personable and her P.H.I.T program really is one of a kind. The classic mat classes are great as well. If you’re looking to ENJOY your workout and train with some really great people, this is definitely the place!”
  • Gerard W. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga 5 stars, August 19, 2016; “If you had told me six months ago that not only would I be hitting the studio four to five times a week, but it would be a highlight of my day, I would’ve told you you were nuts.But that was before a friend recommended Total Body Pilates and Yoga (TBPY). Coach Nicole makes fitness a fun, turnkey operation. You don’t have to purchase, maintain, or store fitness equipment, nor you have to figure out what workout to do — you just show up to a clean, nurturing environment and do the work. It’s different, varied, and short enough that it doesn’t feel repetitive and boring, and intense enough that you’ll see steady gains in functional fitness. I’m significantly more flexible, energetic and better toned after just three months. Furthermore, not only am I stronger, but I’m better able to use that strength.
    At each session, I find I work harder and care more about doing well physically. It’s not so much that Coach pushes you so much as she believes in you so much you can’t help but start believing in yourself. At the same time, safety is paramount: One of the first questions Coach asks at the beginning of every session is the common greeting “How are you?” What’s uncommon is that she really wants to know, really listens, and remembers; throughout the session she’ll offer modifications to ensure you progress without over stressing any body parts which are less than 100% on a given day. It’s not enough to work to achieve results; one has to work effectively and that happens at TBPY: Coach Nicole and Coach Danielle monitor your workouts for both safety and efficacy and provide the minor corrections to turn a good workout into a great one. Beyond the physical, they track the mental and have the knack for knowing just when you need a bit of a verbal push to fight through fatigue and stay strong. What TBPY Pilates is to the body, Yogini Lainey’s gentle yoga classes are to the mind. Combining self awareness and movement, her classes relieve both mental and physical stress. Yogini Katie’s power yoga classes combine mental focus, flexibility and an upbeat pace to provide a mix of mental clarity, flexibility, and cardio growth. Instruction is clear and easy to follow, and they carefully monitor and adjust and improve positioning when you don’t quite get it the first time.”
  • David G. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, November 4, 2015; “Nicole has helped me achieve fitness goals I could not have imagined 6 weeks ago. And she always does it with a smile!”
    • Charles G. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, October 26, 2015; “It’s a great place to learn and work on your core strength!”
    • Michelle D. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, October 19, 2015; “This is the first time I can say that I look forward to working out!! Nichole is so encouraging and really gets you motivated.”
    • Anne K. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, August 10, 2015; “I cannot express how good I felt after just 1 session. Nicole’s patience and training sessions keep me coming back. I am happy my daughter convinced me to give pilates a try.”
    • Elizabeth H. reviewd Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, July 6, 2015; “Best exercise plan for me. Nicole’s training manner is encouraging yet calming.”
    • Stacy L. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, April 3, 2015; “Nicole is so motivating – LOVE how Pilates is transforming my body!!!”
    • Susan K. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, January 31, 2015; “My 68 year old body has benefited greatly from working with Nicole. My balance, posture, strength, and endurance are much improved. I feel better and….with abs in, shoulders down and a proud chest…..I walk like a 40 year old!!!”
    • Janis F. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, January 19, 2015; “ONE session, and I’m hooked! 🙂 Nicole is amazing.”
  • Felicia J. reviewed Total Body Pilates & Yoga ­ 5 stars, November 7, 2014; “Total Body Pilates is truly a gem. Nicole is not only knowledgeable, but skilled and passionate about what she does. She listens to your personal fitness goals and is able to develop an individual program incorporating the amazing strengthening movements of Pilates. I highly recommend!”